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Destination Weddings jaipur is about getting married at a very special Venue in jaipr, which could be a Historical Palace wedding jaipur for that matter. We offer you a chance to get married at some of the world known Palaces in jaipur, which were originally built several years, back and now restored with a mix of original beauty and all luxuries. Most of them are now heritage hotels in jaipur  and grand heritage hotels in jaipur. Our choice of Exotic Wedding Destinations in jaipur remain constrained to those Heritage properties and Palaces in jaipur, which are Unique in terms of beauty and historical background. More important is that they offer a variety of Venues in jaipur, may it be 400 year old picturesque Palace in the middle of a lake or a Courtyard of City Palace jaipur to be used for different Ceremonies and functions.

for Destination Weddings jaipur is a ideal location

Beach Wedding
A beach side wedding is one of the most romantic and dreamy events to take place in anybody's life. Initially, conventional marriages used to take place strictly in churches. However, with the relaxation in the societal norms of today, people have become more imaginative with the kind of setting they want to have on their wedding. It is for this reason that couples have started choosing beach theme for their weddings. It is considered to give the event a more romantic and lighter feel, as compared to the conservative weddings. Thus, the wedding attire or clothing for a beach wedding should be chosen keeping the theme in mind.

Destinations Weddings
- Jaipur
- Udiapur

Christian Wedding
Wedding marks the union of love, kindness, affability and graciousness between two individuals. It is a ligature not only between two bodies but also between two souls. Rituals and customs are the main attire of all weddings. It is a divinity followed religiously across the globe. Christian weddings too follow certain rituals and customs of the land of their birth into the main ceremonies rest is all the same. Christian weddings could be with or without a ‘mass’. But preferably people opt for weddings in presence of holy mass for some extra blessings to their marriage.

Destinations Wedding in India
- Jaipur
- Udaipur
- Jodhpur
- Devigarh
- Mandawa
- Samode
- Neemrana
- Jaisalmer
- Bikaner
- Goa
- Kerela(backwaters)

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